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What My Students Are Saying

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Sheri Rodwell

Vancouver Island, Canada

Dave was instrumental in my success on Amazon.  He helped me launch my first product in Oct 2015. Today I have 33 active Asin's. Being a part of Dave’s group for 2.5 years helped me through some of the tough times.  There are many ups and downs so it’s important to have friends to help you through the tough bumps.


If you are starting out, could use some encouragement and support, then you will want to be a part of Dave and his group. There are loads to learn, things are changing all the time and his group is a tap on the pulse of Amazon.


Your support and the people I met in your group helped me through some of the tough bumps. I am so grateful of all the friends you introduced me too.  There is so much to learn and I am grateful for all the support and knowledge you shared with me. It truly makes a difference. Thanks Dave.

Michael York

Phoenix, AZ

This is just a quick note of thanks to Dave Kettner for all of his help and support. Dave’s knowledge and experience has really helped me get grounded to what is really important to grow my business.


There are so many things one could be doing to grow their business on Amazon but in reality, there are a few top things to focus on and break down into easily managed parts and this is where Dave really shines. He doesn’t ever recommend things that could be done but don’t really add any value. He will tell you hay, that is not really a good use of your time or – maybe you could focus here instead (the things that really move the needle).


I highly recommend Dave, he is a great guy and really knows his stuff – AND knows how to share that knowledge with all levels of business people! So, I want to say THANKS Dave…you have Really made a big impact on my business!!!

Dennis Ogawa

Los Angles, California

I have spent most of my life and corporate career developing and launching successful products and services globally in several industries. When I learned about the opportunities to launch products on Amazon I thought, “how hard can it be?”


Well, I struggled for 9 months and then I met Dave Kettner and followed his Amazon Private Label course. Fortunately, most of what I learned and prepared was good, but there were numerous critical details that I didn’t understand until I took Dave’s course. Dave’s videos showed me exactly what to do and more importantly, why each step and detail was important.


The results for my business have been outstanding. I launched my first product with $1K in sales the first month, then within 6 months reached $35K in sales with profit margins exceeding 50%. I highly recommend Dave’s course and wish the one reading this review the best success!

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